Thoughts on Vaginal Tightening Creams

Vaginal tightening creams are nothing new. They have been on the market for several years and have gained fame worldwide.  But with advertisements like the ones below, we scratch our heads and ponder how?

Because we’re curious (and dorky), we took a little office poll to gauge our coworkers’ response to these ads. Here they are (please feel free to add yours by commenting below!):

HymenGel1(Text at the bottom says “Vaginal-tightening gel for women over 40.”)

The first time? You mean the most painful, uncomfortable sexual experience of my life? Thankfully not since then!”

“Who would want to re-live that? No one’s first time is ever good.”

“I’d like to think sex has improved vastly since the being scared out of my wits about getting caught in the bathtub with my boyfriend while my parents were out for the evening.”

“I wouldn’t pay to relive that.  I would pay to NOT relive that.” 



“Yeah, it’s called having three babies by your ass!”

“So, can you only use this product if you’re a het [heterosexual]? Mmmmm…Lesbian gaps? Gay gaps? Where is the justice in this world. It’s always about het sex, isn’t it!”

“Clearly, this copy was authored by men.”

“There is a natural exercise for that. Just sit, squeeze, and hold for ten.”

“Perhaps the gap is caused by too small of a penis, not too large of a vagina?”

“I wish there was another color-Pink belongs to a singer, not this stupid message.”

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