Who doesn’t want to be a sex god? But how exactly do you go about having amazing sex? We’re sharing our favorite tips

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3 thoughts on “AMAZING Sex?!

  1. Waiting until marriage with the one woman I plan to have sex with for the rest of my life, being open to life, and being committed to her until the day I die has led to PHENOMENAL sex.

    Just sayin’.

    • I’m ridiculously happy I didn’t ‘save myself’ as I had planned to for my entire life because my first time was uncomfortable. It takes practice to be on the same page with your partner, let alone enjoy it. I was with my partner for a year and a half before we decided to have sex. It takes more communication that one would think. It’s not magic, it doesn’t just ‘happen’. Marriage isn’t for me, but if I was planning on getting married, I sure as hell wouldn’t have wanted my first time to be on my wedding night. Talk about a sad ending to a great day.

      Just sayin’.

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