Ask Laci: How can I become a sex educator?

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Laci — I guess i just wanted to ask you, being that you seem to be successful and you’ve very good at what you do, how do I become a Sex Educator? What steps do i take after high school? Then after college, how would i go about getting a job in that field? I wanna teach people to be open with their sexuality and comfortable in their bodies, i just need to know how to start.

Thanks for your time, Cori.

Hi Cori!

Thanks for writing me, I’m so glad you’re excited about sex education!  We need lots of voices to help create change.

I started doing sex education by starting my own project from scratch online.  To begin, start by identifying a need that isn’t being met, throw in a little creativity and dedication, and do what you need to do to make it happen!  This is the less conventional approach and I think in general it tends to be trickier, but it’s the one I personally took.

There are also lots of ways to become involved in sex education through more traditional mediums.  You could get a degree in a liberal arts field and start interning for a nonprofit (I also did this), volunteer for community organizations you care about (this too), and then seek out a higher degree/career in a field that allows you to do paid work for them.  You don’t necessarily have to be a teacher, you could also be a sociologist and do research, a therapist and specialize in sexuality issues, a social worker that supports sex workers or women or LGBT youth, or even a sex positive business owner (like Good Vibes sex toy store), etc.  The CSPH has a great article with advice from this perspective that might be worth checking out (

Above all, I’d encourage you to follow your interests and do what you’re good at.  Really take some time to think about what your talents are and what path will allow that to shine.  This may take some time, but I believe this is where you will find happiness and success!  You can bring your own unique perspective and voice to ANY career.  Remember, sex positivity is needed in fields like medicine and law too.  Desperately needed, actually.  :)


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